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Antistatic industry needs a stable support point

Antistatic industry needs a stable support point

According to continuous innovation in domestic microelectronics, semiconductors, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other manufacturing technologies and the continued rapid increase in industry, the demand for antistatic products is increasing. The production of electronic products has led to a number of derivative industries, and the anti-static industry is one of them. The Chinese industry has many opportunities for prospectors to explore, and those who want to enter may wish to start with specific aspects and learn more about related products.

The ESD clothes and ultra-clean lining used for anti-static clothing is to prevent static electricity accumulation of clothes. Anti-static and ultra-clean fabrics do not absorb the surrounding dust so that the anti-static clothing also has the effect of dust prevention. Anti-static shoes made of PVC or PU foam material to produce soles, can effectively discharge static electricity, and anti-static clothing together constitute an anti-static system. In the production of anti-static products, the materials used are not single, and the role of each material is not a single comprehensive, all factors have long been the diversity of anti-static products.

Although more detailed understanding of the product, but this does not mean that in the future of the anti-static industry market, the customer's recognition. It needs to have excellent technical knowledge to solve problems for customers in the first time. After all, many customers are relatively unfamiliar with static electricity and have no way to control the static electricity generated at the production site, or they can not achieve the desired results with all their efforts. And provide a complete set of static protection solutions that allow customers to solve difficult static problems. Such a combination of technology and services is an effective support point for stabilizing and developing customers.

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