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Anti-static shielding bag Wholesales China

Anti-static shielding bag Wholesales China

Generally, the anti-static shielding bag itself is not easy to generate static electricity. However, when electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs outside the package, the electronic components inside the package are subject to external ESD (electrostatic discharge) due to poor external ESD performance. Affects or even damages devices that are very sensitive to static electricity.

  For example, some factory parts are qualified at the factory and use anti-static anti-static bags, but when they are shipped to the customer, they open the package and find that some PCB boards or devices are not working properly, because the anti-static bags themselves are not easy to produce. Static electricity, but can not shield external ESD. For example, during transportation, the machine model (MM) electrostatic discharge may occur when the machine is charged with static electricity. Human body model (HBM) or human metal model electrostatic discharge may occur when the worker wears static electricity on the body. Etc. Therefore, the standard surface resistance of an anti-static bag does not have the ability to shield the external ESD. For this device, an anti-static shielding bag should be used.

 Anti-static shielding bag not only has anti-static performance of anti-static packaging bag, but also electrostatic discharge ESD and external electromagnetic radiation shielding of external personnel and equipment. It consists of excellent electrical conductivity and anti-material, usually opaque. . Anti-static shielding bags are more expensive than anti-static bags.

It can be used for the packaging of sensitive devices that have important requirements for anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference.

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