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Have you used anti-static alcohol bottles?

Have you used anti-static alcohol bottles?

In addition use esd smt reel box and anti-static containers for electronic storage,,many companies nowadays use anti-static alcohol bottles for liquid loading.

anti-static alcohol bottles is made of anti-static material and HDPE. Its surface resistance is 10e6-10e11 ohms. It is the ideal loading device for acetone, methanol and other reagents. It is widely used in electronics factories, various laboratories and research institutes.

What are the characteristics of anti-static alcohol bottles?

The product is designed to be used with peace of mind in an ESD safe environment. The head of each anti-static alcohol bottle is sealed with a plastic film at the factory to ensure absolute cleanliness within the bottle. Lightly press once on the pump head to obtain the proper amount to prevent excessive solvent spillage and dirt penetration into the bottle. A stainless steel lid near the pump head prevents impurities from entering the bottle when not in use and reduces liquid volatilization. The anti-static alcohol bottle's manual pump can suck out the liquid in the bottle. It can artificially regulate the usage, and it will not be wasted. It is very suitable for the production and repair of pipelines.

Anti-static alcohol bottles have been used more and more. However, although you have found suitable liquid storage tools, you must also be careful when buying them. Alcohol bottles like these are innumerable in the market and must be of good quality. Don't be blinded by the price.

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