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Antistatic ESD Workbench Manufacturer

Shanghai Herzing Industry Co., Ltd is one of the rare Total project organizers managing and controling static electricity, 

co-operate with market leading manufacturers of ESD-workbenches and anti-static work stations.

All ESD workstations are in height adjustable.

Some ESD workbenches are height adjustable, even automatically adjustable worktables are part of our complete range ESD furniture.. Designed and built to high specifications,our antistatic esd workbench and other ESD furnishings are used in a wide variety of technical and manufacturing environments, including: Industrial, Commercial, Military, Government, Medical and ...

ESD Protective Furniture, in particular,Antistatic ESD workbench

has a long association with electronic manufacturing, providing manufacturers with

ESD workbenches, ESD safe cabinets, ESD-trolleys and ESD-products

that minimize the risk of ESD-hazards and improve productivity.


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