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ESD Conductive Container Boxes | Antistatic ESD Protective Storage & Warehousing Systems

ESD-Protective Containers: Anti static ESD Containers, ESD safe Boxes and Bins are a necessity where microelectronic parts (ESD-sensitive small components) are manufactured, assembled, stored or shipped to safe and protect them from ESD damage.

Because we cannot eliminate static electricity, it is a part of nature, we only can control it in at least three ways:

1. Reduce the potential for generating static discharges by eliminating static generating material;

2. Shield static-sensitive parts and assemblies in uncontrolled environments;

3. Ensure a safe path to ground to prevent accumulation of charge; 

A suitable ESD safe container must offer the right combination of grounding, attenuation ad static-generation characteristics.

Electrostatic shielding materials: <10^4 W/square

Conductive materials: <10^5 W/square

Static-dissipative materials: 10^5 <10^12 W/square

Insulative materials: > 10^12 W/square

The higher the resistivity of a material, the longer will be the time required for a charge to decay, and therefore, the slower the decay rate.

A whole range ESD safe storing and shelving materials are available such as: 

ESD Bin Racks;

ESD Bin Containers;

ESD Carousels;

ESD Cases;

ESD Dividers / Separators;

ESD Drawers;

ESD Inserts;

ESD Sorting Tray Cabinets;

ESD Tool boxes;

ESD Wall Panels...

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